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Using cutting edge cell technology, our product range delivers leading life cycles and excellent warranties. Their long life means that every kilowatt stored is cheaper than other comparable solutions on the market. With little to no maintenance our products offer solutions to even the most remote locations.

All Catch Energy solutions operate worldwide and are available for on-grid and off-grid situations. They offer exceptional safety and are scalable, allowing you to create the right storage size to meet your needs. Further more, Catch Energy provide bespoke consultancy services.  If you need something specific for your energy demand we can design and deploy this for you.


Key features and benefits

The market’s safest cell technology

Our preferred battery cells  naturally prevent thermal runaways making our home range the safest storage solution for your home.

Lowest lifetime cost on the market

Using Lithium iron phosphate or Lithium titanate means our battery cells boast the longest life expectancy on the market, giving you the lowest cost per stored kilowatt of energy against similar products.

Flexible, modular, scalable system

We design modular solutions that combine to create larger systems where required. This ensures your energy profile can be matched to the correct amount of storage needed to avoid waste.

Peace of mind

Most of our storage range comes with either a 10,000 or 20,000 cycle warranty and no maintenance. Our solutions will therefore last alongside your solar array to optimise your savings for many years.

Compatible with leading inverters

Allowing for a custom solution, ensuring you get the most out of your battery to enhance savings and achieve faster paybacks on new installs or retrofit, on or off-grid.

Ultimate efficiency

Our energy storage solutions charge and discharge quickly, more than once per day if required. Unlike other storage systems, they can maintain efficiency even when multi-cycled.

Supports savings

Our solutions  can help you achieve the highest returns by storing energy from your solar array, or storing off-peak grid energy for use at peak times.

Green and sustainable

Storing excess energy from your solar array helps to reduce carbon emissions as you are using all your generated power rather than taking more from the grid when the sun goes down.

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