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Top ten tips to lower your electric bill

Here are 10 ways the average home can lower their electricity bills before the next winter…

1. Install LED Light Bulbs
The bulbs maybe more expensive but they last a lot longer and use up to 80% less energy.

2. Get a smart thermostat
The perfect way to control your home when you are in or out the house. Stopping wasting electricity when you are not even benefiting from it.

3. Unplug devices
10% of your monthly bill can be lost through devices that are turned off but still plugged in!

4. Delay your laundry and dishes until after 8pm
Many companies offer cheaper rates after 8pm so energy draining devices are best to use in the evening

5. Avoid tumble dryers
If you have an outdoors area for a hanger, or a well ventilated room, then reducing the amount of time you use a tumble dryer will make a big difference

6. Insultate your windows Cracks
Caulk your window sills to stop air/heat escaping

7. Roof insulation
Another key area where you maybe losing a lot of heat

8. Replace your air filters
Dirty filters restrict the flow of air causing your system to run longer to meet the temperature on the thermostat.

9. Keep lids on your saucepans
This will get your cooking done faster as it keeps the heat in.

10. Go solar plus storage
Your home will be more energy efficient if you create energy yourself and store it for when you need it. Catch Energy can provide advise on the most cost effective system for you.

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