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Our interview about improving agriculture in Brazil through low carbon project

Following the announcement that Catch Energy successfully secured EU funding as a battery storage service provider with Low Carbon Brazil, Toni interviews our International Development Manager Julian Beach to find out more about the agriculture sector in Brazil, and specifically how a solar and storage solution can make it more efficient.

The project:

The project will see the development of six off-grid solar PV plus battery storage central pivot irrigation and non-GM crop rotation projects in rice plantations in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Mato Grosso. It is expected that these “showrooms” will scale up to an additional 60 such projects in Brazil within 12 months.

View the full 10minute video:


Under this initiative, we will be working in partnership with GND Brasil (a São Paulo-based sustainability consultancy for the agro-industrial sector), EMBRAPA, (Brazil’s state-owned agricultural research company), and Krebs (which has 20% of the pivot irrigation market in Brazil)

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