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“A quarter of businesses see renewables as a passing trend”

What a headline!

A study conducted on behalf of Haven Power (a business energy supplier within the Drax Group) surveyed 1,000 UK utility ‘decision makers’. It discovered that over a quarter (27%) think renewable energy is just a passing trend, a figure that reaches 40% within the financial services sector.

It found that the biggest barrier to taking up a renewable energy green tariff remains cost (37%), with the lack of government support rated second (24%). Such issues mean that almost a quarter (23%) of respondents are uncertain as to how to discuss a switch to clean energy supply with senior management.

This is a worrying statistic! Most see the responsibility of reducing carbon emissions as being someone elses (i.e. the manufacturers or the Government) and yet their pursuit of profit is causing the emissions – it is a difficult argument to read or debate.

Although to contradict that, 3 in 5 were still interested in generating their own power…  this probably comes down to the complexity of the argument and the facts that even if a user generates their own energy, what they generate goes little way to offsetting the overall emissions.

Perhaps this is the core meaning of the story, perhaps they mean renewables is a passing trend because it is unlikely to address the issues of emissions for the large users. Maybe they are awaiting a greater solution?

There has always been a disconnect between a heavy energy user installing a 50kWp solar array and waving a green flag! Catch Energy are working with companies and industry sectors to find real solutions using renewables. They are part of the solution in many scenarios when sized correctly.

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