To become a one-stop shop for the best energy storage solutions across the globe.



Catch Energy Limited is a global company based in Cirencester, England. We provide specialised services and solutions in renewable energy systems and design. Founded in 2015, we currently have offices in England, Wales, Switzerland, Brazil, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the Caribbean and Malta.

We focus on energy/battery storage and, alongside larger projects, we offer market leading residential battery storage solutions to improve renewable energy systems or off-peak energy pricing structures.

Who else we work with

We advise and empower governments around the world to develop renewable energy sources as a way of reducing their dependence on traditional forms of energy and to update grid infrastructure to implement growth. Our unique proposition is enhanced by the ability to fund larger projects. This allows Catch Energy to sell “free” solutions to businesses, charities and governments.

Our vision

The Catch Energy brand represents highest performance, reliability and best return on investment. Catch Energy provides market-leading storage solutions with excellent warranty programs that undoubtedly leads to sustained total customer satisfaction.

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Global company, local reach

Catch Energy delivers energy solutions across the world. We understand the importance of market expertise and are therefore proud to be working with local specialists with a first-rate knowledge of the practicalities of supplying and installing energy solutions.

Lithium-based batteries

We utilise the latest technologies to provide safe, high-current power to applications. Furthermore, the battery’s low maintenance and long life cycles maximise the effectiveness of the low cost energy solutions we offer.

Energy in a box and/or bespoke packages

While we are happy to provide an ‘energy in a box’ solution, we appreciate that a “one size fits all” product doesn’t always meet a user’s exact requirements. Therefore, Catch Energy can also deliver a bespoke solution that is perfect for your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Financial options

Catch Energy works closely with clients to deliver the right solution at the right price with the most suitable finance options.