Become a reseller

Becoming a Reseller for Catch Energy not only gives you access to our leading, competitive residential solutions for the home, but it also leads to the ability to sell bespoke large scale solar plus storage projects to businesses, charities and governments across the globe.

Our Resellers focus on selling our residential product range and we welcome referrals for our non residential solutions too which can help you achieve even higher commissions.

Catch Energy has a global reach and is actively working on projects in Brazil, Uruguay, United Kingdom, Africa and the Caribbean.


We currently have opportunities for resellers in Africa and Europe

We appreciate that the best resellers come in different shapes and sizes and that’s why there are different choices and levels of how you can work with us.

We explain the differences and benefits of our Resellers and Value Added Resellers in our “Reseller Guide”. Please get in touch to request our separate "Reseller Profile” guide for details on our ideal business partners.

"Reselling for Catch Energy has enhanced my existing business in solar as I can now sell battery storage too. This gives me a reason to reconnect with existing customers and have more new customers as I am one of the first in my area to sell batteries of this calibre."


Excellent relationships

Top industry knowledge

Grow your profits