Case Study: Catch Energy in Africa

Thanks to our local expert knowledge, Catch Energy offer high quality, affordable solar + storage solutions to families, communities and organisations across Africa.We are passionate about choosing and designing the right products to meet the various specifications in the market place. Therefore, in Africa we have sourced energy solutions that work in very high temperatures, can operate for tens of years in remote locations, and require no maintenance! What is more, we provided some excellent finance options specifically suitable for the local market.




Example of different size projects

Small Africa Home with solar

Smaller home

✓ Solar Plus Storage Systems   

✓ 20-200W Systems

We deliver power to small African homes day and night.  Our basic solar plus storage systems are ideal for dealing with essential electric needs; such as lighting up to 3 rooms, and radio/torch/mobile phone charging.


Larger Home Energy Africa

Larger homes

✓  10 warranty on phosphate batteries

✓ Upgrading or installing new

We offer larger solar + storage systems for larger African homes that require more electric requirements such as radio charging, lighting up to 10 rooms, fridges, ice box, LED TV, washing machine, fan, and solar water pumps.

LargeSolar+Inverter+Storage Africa


Africa Hospital larger solar systems

Larger systems

✓  Microgrids      

✓ Villages, Health Centres, Schools

We also create bespoke microgrids for African village where a central generation and storage solution provides power for the whole community 24/7. These systems support schools, a health centre and street lighting among other essential needs.


Example of products


265W High Power Efficient Solar Panels

Our preferred solar panel manufacturer is one of the world's largest and most respected. With more than 65million panels sold, totalling 15GW, these panels have been deployed in more than 90 countries.

✓ Dependable
✓ Proven
✓ 10 year product & 25 year performance warranty


5000E Hybrid Inverter

Our manufacturer's hybrid inverter, which controls the solar and battery together for maximum ef ciency, is a global market leader. It can deliver backup power during a blackout and is suitable for on and off-grid use.

✓ Leading product
✓ Cutting edge
✓ European/US key components

BATTERY - with 6000 life cycles!

2000 2.4 KWh

A excellent battery creating a low maintenance long life product that stores solar power to use through the night. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

✓ Long cycle life
✓ Rack design
✓ Advanced lithium ion phosphate

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