Catch Energy Team

Richard Lindley

Finance Director
Richard Lindley Catch Energy
Richard is a financial professional with extensive international business development experience, both from an organic and acquisitions point of view, and has held senior director positions with private and LSE-quoted companies. He has been actively involved in a number of renewables initiatives involving solar energy generation, energy and emissions reduction, waste recycling and rain forest protection. He also helped to develop a programme to link fundraising through sponsorship for environmental and community projects based in Brazil.



“We have created a system that will fit into even the smallest areas of a home, such as a loft or cupboard. A further enhanced range includes a selection of lower cost units from 2kWh. We believe we have the only systems with a life expectancy that exceeds payback! To make the most of energy storage it should be sized correctly to ensure there is no wastage. This is why we offer smaller modules perfect for custom sizing.”
Richard Lindley
Catch Energy Finance Director