Funding energy projects

Catch Energy are able to provide funding solutions for worldwide projects. We have a number of funding options including Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), where you pay per unit of energy generated and consumed; and Energy Savings Contracts (ESC), where you pay using a percentage of your savings from the fuel source we have replaced.

Once part of the scheme, we maintain the equipment for the length of the agreement so you have no maintenance costs. At the end of the agreement you take over maintenance and own the equipment for the remainder of its life.

Using our funding means you have no technology risk or worries about lack of performance. We have experience of successfully funding both small and large global projects in LED lighting, cooling, heating and solar plus storage.

To find out more about the different types of funding we offer please get in touch.

We can remove the procurement, funding and technology risk by providing a simple financial solution for you to achieve your storage ambitions with no capital outlay!

Achieve energy efficiency goals

No capital outlay

Fast track your projects