Catch Energy home product range

Catch Energy design and manufacture a range of products dedicated to homeowners, sold through installer partners worldwide. These start at 20W systems for rural off-grid situations through to solutions that can be combined together to power larger homes and even small commercial applications.

Check out our products below and contact us to discuss your exact requirements.


Our Eco range is available in two sizes to enable the right energy storage to perfectly match your home's requirements. We use the best lithium iron phosphate battery cells, combined with an intelligent BMS, to create a leading solution at a price to make you happy! This is a versatile and very economic storage solution with 10,000 life cycles and the ability to connect in parallel to create large systems. Indoor and outdoor models can be paired with the Catch inverter (below) or a choice of leading brands.

✓ Indoor and outdoor options (IP21 & 65)
✓ 10,000 cycles at 90% DOD
✓ Meets stringent IEC standards


Our Eco range of inverters are designed to work seamlessly with our Eco storage solution. They integrate with the Eco battery perfectly and the outdoor option offers a sleek looking complete unit thanks to a proprietary clip-in system. They are available in a range of sizes as a hybrid inverter (for new installations) or AC coupled inverter (for retrofit installations).

✓ Cost effective
✓ Easy to install
✓ 10 year warranty


Available in various configurations from 20W to 1200W, our TellcoSol micro units are designed by Swiss Engineers and feature maintenance free gel batteries. The kit, suitable for off grid communities and the leisure sector, comes complete with solar panel, battery and a choice of accessories.

✓ Optional Pay as you go
✓ ZERO maintenance, plus comes with leading warranties
✓ Meets stringent IEC standards


This smart device connects to your PV system during installation and provides you with real-time information via your computer or mobile device.

✓ Real-time data
✓ Domestic and commercial
✓ Perfect for our solar and storage solutions


The Power Tower will fit close to the wall so each panel takes up minimal space whether you choose to fit inside or outside. These 750Wh modules can be combined to create a solution that works just for you. Our patented Titan X product fits under a solar panel and is designed for use with new solar+storage installations.

✓ Suitable for inside and outdoors
✓ 20,000 cycles
✓ New battery technology


We can tailor-make your system to meet your needs with minimal wastage. The Catch Energy Power Stack is a modular unit, meaning each battery holds 750Wh of power and can be combined together to create larger systems.

✓ Bespoke modular system
✓ Domestic and commercial
✓ Operates in extreme temperatures