Helping Housing Associations become eco-friendly and cost efficient

Catch Energy has been working alongside a number of housing associations, councils and group landlords around the world (including public sector services like the military) to provide volume housing solutions.

We are able to provide feasibility and ongoing support on these larger projects where you may need to provide energy to several 10’s or even 100’s of homes. We can also work with you to look at community features to support these plans; such as share schemes, lighting and community storage facilities.

Our innovative products work with a technology that allows a solar array and battery on one property to share the energy with a neighbour, which is great in areas where only a percentage of your houses are facing the sun. We have monitoring platforms designed for multi landlords where data can be collated and shared and other innovations.

Through our funding model we can enhance your scheme if required with street lighting and heating. This is of great benefit on larger sites to ensure the benefit is received by all residents. Adding a system for the community school or medical centre or similar can complete the solution.

To find out more about our ideas and what we can offer your project, please contact us will be happy to listen and advise you on the options.

Catch Energy work with UK housing associations and councils as well as group landlords around the world.