Industrial and commercial energy solutions

Battery storage is ideally suited to industrial and commercial clients. The flexibility of storage means that it can assist many different businesses in multiple ways. Storage can be used with grid power, self generated power or a mix of sources.

Storage on a non-residential scale is so uniquely tailored that we offer our design services around a range of battery chemistries. We match every element of the solution to your needs and budgets.

From lead acid to lithium titanate and everything in between, Catch Energy is here to work with you and create the right solution.

Often based on the end service required we can model opportunities to benefit from peak shaving, demand response and various other global schemes. Battery storage not only maximises self generation but can move and shift power to benefit from economies of using stored power on peak to avoid higher rates. Often payments can be secured for the assistance to the grid of managing power more effectively.

We are able to fund many large scale installations on schemes such as power purchase agreements and energy saving contracts which mean companies can "pay as they go" rather than find upfront capital.

If you would like to learn more about energy storage and the services Catch Energy offer  please contact us today.

Catch Energy believe that every client is unique so our commercial and industrial solutions are unique too. This ensures that our storage proposal fulfills all of your needs.

Depending on where you are based in the world, storage can assist with...

√   Generating revenue through offering grid tied services

√   Lowering costs by increasing self generation consumption

√   Providing back-up power

√   Managing self generated energy

√   Avoiding peak grid charges

√   Reducing carbon emissions and air pollution

√   Offering price stability for energy

√   Give greater control in outages

We deliver home systems to industrial containers ...

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