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Our current installer and partner network includes UK, Eire, Spain, Switzerland, Malta, St Kitts, Hawaii, Rio and Fiji. If you are interested in Catch Energy and want to be involved as a partner or installer, please contact us for information on the opportunities.

Detailed below is an example of each type of opportunity we currently have so you can determine which best fits your business.

We look forward to hearing from any interested parties.


Neil joined as an installation partner in October 2017. He is a qualified electrician and works across Wales and the South West of England. He has fitted a number of battery storage systems and before this had been fitting Solar PV for many years. Madola is MCS registered.

Please get in touch if you would like to become a Catch Energy Installer.

"I love working with Catch Energy, their products are perfect for the market"

Neil Parry


Silva Ortus started working with Catch Energy in July 2017 and installed two showroom systems one powering a residential unit the other powering the office and showroom. Silva Ortus have an existing client base being involved in agriculture and employers in the main town where they are based and saw a great opportunity for storage in East Africa.

Please contact us if you would like to become a Catch Energy reseller

"We had worked in energy efficiency before with LED lighting and small storage 50W types and wanted a system for the larger homes locally. We think Catch has the product to fill this gap in Africa"

Andy, Silva Ortus


Tellco Sol formed a joint venture for Africa with Catch Energy in June 2018 and are currently fitting out the Nigerian showroom. Tellco Sol have an existing understanding of the African market and infrastructure and saw an exciting opportunity to work together with their small 20-1200W micro system, our home system and then combining commercial products to be able to provide solar + battery with LED lighting and more.

Please contact us if you would like to become a Catch Energy Partner.

"Tellco Sol had already started opening up the African market and realised the need to team up with a company to offer more products and with a technical support infrastructure. We therefore created a joint venture with Catch Energy for Africa."

Kenneth, Tellco Sol

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