Microgrids and systems

Microgrids are rapidly becoming a common global source of power. Energy storage has enhanced the microgrid further by giving more control over the power generated and a more reliable output with less emphasis on diesel generators.

Catch Energy can fund microgrids in addition to designing and installing them. Therefore we can ensure they operate perfectly and match the needs of the users.

Microgrids provide an excellent source of mixed power to many different industry sectors; from homes, to industrial parks, to mixed use new towns or island resorts. Microgrids are flexible and desirable as they can fit into various generation sources, including diesel generators and renewable energy. They are the ultimate in tailored energy solutions and require very little maintenance.

For larger projects, well-constructed proposals can help create jobs and valuable life skills for the local community.

If you are looking for ways to make your energy supply more controllable, cost effective, and resilient ,or if you need to power a remote facility then please contact Catch Energy today.

Catch Energy have been working on a number of microgrids across the world; varying from small community solutions to island systems encompassing additional agricultural needs such as irrigation. 

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