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As a global company, we have offices in England, Wales, Switzerland, Brazil, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, the Caribbean and Malta. Our regional expertise ensures we can deliver the right knowledge to the right market while maximising new technologies and innovations from other regions.

Africa Regional Expert: Ben

I have been working with clients in Africa for over 10 years and have made many influential contacts and friends in this time. I am delighted to now be working with Catch Energy and bringing such an impressive power storage solution to the African market. Working across single room homes to utility scale island projects allows me to get involved with all different types of people and I look forward to meeting more of you!

Please get in touch if you would like an appointment or discussion with me.

West Africa Regional Office, Oladipo Bateye Street, GRA, lkeja, Lagos, Nigeria
+44 (0) 333 880 2107

South East Asia Regional Expert: David

Being one of the original founders of the company and initially responsible for global expansion and strategy, I have discovered some excellent regional directors for Latin America and Africa. Therefore, from 2019 I will focus on developing the Australasia and South East Asian market which includes significant opportunities in Indonesia and Australia whilst still supporting the management team in the UK and Europe.

I would therefore love to hear from companies in this region who are interested in developing projects or relationships.

+44 (0) 333 880 2107

Southern Europe Regional Expert: Charles

We are working closely with partners and an excellent engineering team to bring our patented product to the Maltese market and to Southern Europe in general. Our product is ideal for flat roofs which are prevalent in this area.

We are excited by the opportunities to grow the business in, and from, Malta and see a significant opportunity for marine craft in the area alongside the residential market. 

I would welcome discussions with home owners, business owners or potential additional partners in this region.

South Europe Office,
Notabile Road, Attard BKR 3000, Malta

South America Regional Expert: Julian

Originally from a corporate communications and investor relations background in London, I have more than a decade's experience in project development and strategic investment in the renewable energy and energy efficiency space in South America. My main focus is on sourcing clean energy and sustainability projects for a group of institutional investors and private equity funds. I have a wealth of high level industry, business and banking contacts in the region and was awarded the Prêmio Brasil do Meio Ambiente (Brazil Environment Prize) in 2010 for my work raising finance for green energy projects in the country.

Click here to view video on our agriculture project in Brazil 

+44 (0) 333 880 2107

Northern Europe Regional Expert: Kenneth

We are delighted to have a presence in the North of Europe for Catch Energy. The longevity of the cells and the quality of the team are essential in our region, so we are confident that Catch Energy will have an excellent future. The interest from meetings is always high and we look forward to engaging with more customers as we progress the business. 

I am available to meet in person, telephone or Skype to hear about your projects and to offer solutions..

+44 (0) 333 880 2107

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