Delivering energy solutions across numerous sectors

We have the knowledge and experience to work in the following sectors. For further information and updates, including case studies, keep an eye out for information posted on our latest news page or subscribe to our newsletter using the form in the footer below.

Leisure (resorts)

Hotels are choosing to develop in remote areas and places sensitive to the environment, making the provision of power difficult. Catch Energy can work with you to provide an off grid, eco-friendly solution.


Battery storage can assist in reducing down time from grid outages, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, improve air quality in industrial regions and significantly reduce costs of production. Bespoke containerized solutions are available worldwide.


Connectivity can be expensive especially for remote farms and outposts. We are working in areas such as Brazil to provide telecom solutions with long life cycles, high temperature tolerances and no maintenance for up to 30 years.


The most talked about solution in battery storage is the microgrid, combining power generation sources to provide independent, self sustaining electricity. Catch Energy can design microgrids to service islands, regions or towns combining many technologies.


Not forgetting our smaller systems, we have a range of long life solar battery storage solutions that can be used worldwide and come with the flexibility of indoor and outdoor installation. Sleek in  design, excellent pricing and 10 year warranties.


Food supply is a global challenge especially in dry areas. So Catch Energy has been working with farmers and Governments to provide solutions to increase food production using natural energy as well as providing irrigation and other applications.

From home systems to industrial containers ...

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